Where to Buy RAD 140 for Sale – Top 3 Vendors in 2024

where to buy RAD 140 for sale chemyo

RAD 140 is one of the strongest selective androgen receptor modulators out there, so it's no surprise that tons of people are trying to find the highest quality RAD 140 for sale online.

Unfortunately however, many companies claim they have pure RAD 140 for sale, when in reality, it's just fake junk that's mislabeled, putting consumers at risk. I've been in this industry for 10 years, and in my experience, only a few companies sell real, legitimate, verifiable RAD 140.

Testolone RAD 140 is one of the strongest SARMs for sale right now, and legitimate RAD 140 has neuroprotective benefits, anabolic effects, and is safe for human use in general.

Don't fall prey to scammy companies selling you fake SARMs, prohormones, and other fillers and junk – trust us on this, when you buy a selective androgen receptor modulator you need a good source!

Brief RAD 140 Overview

rad 140 molecule

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While technically RAD 140 is legal to buy and sell for research use only, many people buy it for human consumption using this loophole without getting into any legal trouble.

RAD 140 was initially developed through laboratory research as a potential way to treat Alzheimer's disease and cancer patients. It also shows promise as a testosterone replacement therapy alternative.

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How does it work, though? According to the clinical research, RAD 140 exerts powerful androgenic effects similar to anabolic steroids, causing muscle tissue to grow rapidly and fat to melt away.

Testolone RAD 140 requires further research, but so far, every study conducted shows that this research chemical is not only very safe, but leads to a lean mass increase in all test subjects.

RAD 140 Benefits Overview:

  • Rapidly Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • Long Half Life (Stability in Blood)
  • Shred Off Body Fat Like Butter
  • Very Safe to Take & Minimal Side Effects
  • May Have Neuroprotective Effects

RAD 140 is by far one of the best SARMs for beginners to research, due to the consistent effect it has on muscle building, excellent affinity to androgen receptors, and overall safety shown by human studies.

Highest Quality RAD 140 for Sale in 2024

RAD 140 Benefits Testolone FACTS

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RAD 140 is one of the best SARMs for sale that there is right now, and my personal favorite. It won't lead to a whole lot of testosterone suppression if you get high quality, pure RAD 140.

We've tested over $5,000 worth of anabolic steroids and SARMs, and in our experience, if you want real, pure research chemicals (including RAD 140 for sale), these are the best vendors:

  1. Chemyo (“FACTS” for 10% Off)Chemyo is a good combination of excellent quality SARMs, fast shipping time, great customer service, good prices, and more. Overall they're our favorite RAD 140 vendor. This company never disappoints.
  2. Amino Asylum (“FACTS” for 10% Off)Amino Asylum is another great choice, and is the best place to get high quality SARMs for great prices. They've also got great customer service and active social media accounts for you to DM them.
  3. Sports Technology Labs (“FACTS” for 15% Off)Another great source to buy RAD 140 for laboratory research use (or human consumption) is Sports Technology Labs. All their SARMs are high quality, and will help you build lean muscle and shred fat.

If you're trying to buy Testolone RAD 140 online, we recommend you get it through one of these three companies. They're the main companies we recommend to buy SARMs for sale from, because we've only ever had good experiences and bought REAL SARMs from them.

Chemyo – Highest Quality RAD 140

Chemyo Logo SARMs Company

Chemyo is our #1 go-to place for RAD 140 and other SARMs for sale. All of the selective androgen receptor modulators they sell have been 3rd party tested for the utmost purity and quality.

Chemyo Overview:

  • Great Prices & Large Bottles
  • Great Customer Service
  • Large Catalog of SARMs
  • Fast & Discreet Shipping
  • Free Shipping Over $99+
  • 3rd Party Verification

The first Testolone RAD 140 cycle I did from Chemyo was eight weeks and gave me absolutely extraordinary results. I'm talking increased lean body mass, rapid muscle mass growth, an increase in strength, and also a ton of fat loss. Chemyo SARMs for sale are 100% legit.

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If you do decide to buy RAD 140 online, and do decide to get it from Chemyo, just use the discount code “SARMsFacts” and you'll get 10% off RAD 140 and other similar substances and SARMs.

Amino Asylum – Best Budget RAD 140

Amino Asylum SARMs for sale

Amino Asylum is another great source of all SARMs for sale, including RAD 140. While they lack the 3rd party verification that Chemyo and other vendors have, they have AMAZING street cred overall.

Amino Asylum Overview:

  • Good Customer Service
  • Absolutely Amazing Prices
  • Huge Catalog of Products
  • Great Discounts
  • Fast & Discreet Shipping

They've also got a massive, versatile range of different products that can be used as a potential treatment to any number of things. They have not only SARMs and peptides, but PCT's, auxiliaries, injectables, and much more. Use the code “SARMsFacts” for 10% off anything in their catalog.

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Sports Technology Labs

Sports Technology Labs Logo SARMs Company.png

Another great place to buy pure, real RAD 140 from is Sports Technology Labs. They're a relatively new company, but they've quickly garnered a reputation for having some powerful RAD 140 & SARMs for sale.

Sports Technology Labs Overview:

  • Awesome Customer Service
  • Good & Fair Market Prices
  • High Quality Products
  • Fast & Discreet Shipping

I've not only tried the Ostarine for sale from Sports Technology Labs, but also their Testolone RAD 140 available to buy, plus their MK 677 and a few other SARMs as well. Every batch I got was legit.

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Buying RAD 140 FAQ's

If RAD 140 is the first selective androgen receptor modulator you've ever bought online, we understand how confusing and annoying it can be sometimes. As a general rule, do not buy any SARMs from companies not vetted by this site.

I have been in the industry for 10+ years now, and trust me when I tell you that 95% of the companies out there are scammers, and most of them start up and shut down within 1-2 years.

You should only buy from validated, verified vendors like the ones listed throughout here, to minimize your risk of getting fake research chemicals that can cause cell death, breast cancer, and more.

Overall, when it comes to buying research chemicals, we recommend Chemyo as our #1 vendor due to many different reasons. First of all, they've been around for over 5+ years which is a great sign.

Most fake SARMs companies shut down in 1-2 years, and then open up under a new name to scam people all over again. This is one reason to always buy from established companies with good rep.

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Furthermore, all of their SARMs are rigorously 3rd party tested for quality and purity. I've bought fake SARMs by accident before (not from Chemyo, but from PureRawz) and my liver enzymes started going crazy according to my bloodwork. I stopped taking them and the enzymes went back to normal.

Never stray from established companies with great street cred in this industry.

While technically RAD 140 is sold for research purposes and not human consumption, it's basically a gigantic industry-wide loophole that everyone knows about.

SARMs are legal to sell for “laboratory use” so they just don't label them for human consumption. Then you buy it for “research purposes” but basically just take it anyways. That's how the loophole works.

In addition to the muscle mass building benefits that RAD 140 has, it's also being researched as a possible treatment to prevent Alzheimer's disease by exerting a neuroprotective effect on hippocampal neurons, which has been demonstrated in studies on male rats and other animal studies.

RAD 140 Testolone has been shown to offer neuroprotection benefits to cultured rat neurons in laboratory studies, which means that it may not only help build muscle, but also has the potential ability to improve cognition and prevent age-related cognitive decline disorders (like Alzheimer's and maybe even Dementia).

Male rat brains in these studies were shown to benefit from taking RAD 140. After male rats were exposed to various toxins, studies showed that RAD 140 has some ability to protect the brain from them.

Thankfully you don't have to take a whole lot, since RAD 140 has a relatively long half life, which means that Testolone RAD 140 lasts in your blood stream for a while, requiring lower doses to maintain stability.

The general RAD 140 dosage that most agree upon is 10-20mg/day. This will be just enough to bind to the androgen receptors and encourage muscle growth, without leading to an increase in estrogen receptors that are activated, or prostate weight increasing either.

As a beginner, we recommend you simply take 10mg/day for 8-12 weeks, followed by a PCT.

A PCT, otherwise known as a post cycle therapy, is a critical part of any SARMs cycle. While they aren't as bad as steroids, most SARMs will lead to suppressed testosterone levels, so after your cycle it's important to take a PCT so your test goes back to normal.

Testolone RAD 140 tends to lower testosterone levels more than many other SARMs, meaning it's best if you take a PCT after your RAD 140 cycle. We recommend just one bottle of this stuff right here.


Chemyo SARMs Banner Ad FACTS

In summary, Testolone RAD 140 is one of the most powerful SARMs in existence. It has a 90:1 binding affinity to androgen receptors, which is almost as strong as testosterone replacement therapy, with very few of the side effects.

If you're going to buy RAD 140 online, we highly urge you to get it through Chemyo or one of the other companies we recommended. Don't risk getting fake SARMs – it's simply not worth it, trust me.

Just click here and use the code “FACTS” to get 10% off your RAD 140 purchase!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always check your local jurisdiction’s laws before buying anything or doing anything. SARMs are strictly for research purposes only, and are not FDA approved to treat any condition.