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If you're reading this article, you probably want to know if Ostarine is legal. Well, the short answer is “yes,” but the long answer will take a little bit longer to explain.

Ostarine is classified as a selective androgen receptor modulator and does not fall under the category of dietary supplements, according to the FDA. It's also on WADA's prohibited list, and the world anti doping agency has classified it as a performance enhancing drug.

How is it that Ostarine is still legal, then? In this article we'll cover:

  • Is Ostarine Legal in 2023?
  • Is it Legal to Take Ostarine?
  • Is Ostarine Legal in the US?
  • What Countries is Ostarine Banned In?
  • …and more

So, if you want to feel safe knowing that you won't get any trouble for buying Ostarine online, then keep reading and discover if Ostarine is legal in your country.

Is Ostarine Legal?

Put simply, the answer will vary by country, but in general, yes, Ostarine is legal as an investigational drug and research chemical, but it is still considered a banned substance.

What does this mean? It means that you can buy it totally legally, but it's technically illegal for human consumption. According to the FDA, Ostarine is not approved for human consumption.

Of course, that hasn't stopped thousands of bodybuilders from taking it as a dietary supplement, and it hasn't stopped professional athletes from using it to build muscle mass and shred body fat, giving them an unfair advantage in competition.

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So, long story short, Ostarine is not completely legal, but rather in a “gray area” of law. That being said, the odds you will get arrested for taking Ostarine are almost none. Unless you literally take it out, tell a cop to suck it, and take it right in front of him. Don't do that.

The only country that is extremely strict on SARMs is Australia, but more on that later – let's break down the laws specifically for each country so you can find where yours is.

Ostarine Legality by Country

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Ostarine is classified as a selective androgen receptor modulator, which for the most part, means it's legal to buy and sell, but is not legal for human consumption.

Most countries classify Ostarine as an experimental drug, but not as illegal. You should do your own research, but for the most part, in the majority of countries, it's safe to buy.

Is Ostarine Legal in the US?

Yes, Ostarine is legal to buy and sell in the US.

Selective androgen receptor modulators are not legal for human use according to the FDA, and are classified under a list of prohibited substances if you're an athlete, however.

Is Ostarine Legal in the UK?

Yes, Ostarine is legal to buy and sell in the UK.

According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), which is basically the FDA of the United Kingdom, Ostarine and other SARMs are classified as a “novel food.”

This basically means it's classified as an unapproved drug that may carry health risks, but is still legal to buy. [R]

Is Ostarine Legal in Canada?

Yes, Ostarine is legal to buy in Canada, but not to sell.

This may confuse consumers, but it's legal to buy Ostarine in Canada, but not to sell it. In fact, the Canadian Border Services Agency is known to be a huge pain in seizing Ostarine packages.

Is Ostarine Legal in Australia?

No, Ostarine is illegal without a doctor's prescription in Australia.

Australia is stricter than any other country when it comes to Ostarine, anabolic steroids, and any performance enhancing drug in general. Their border control is known for being extremely strict on any substances not approved for human use.

The reason they're so strict, is because Ostarine is actually one of the legal medications your doctor can prescribe you in Australia. If you can get a prescription, you don't even need a supplement company to ship it there.

That being said, if you do decide to buy SARMs in Australia, I've never heard of people suffering under the law. Not a single person has been arrested for buying them to my knowledge.

Is Ostarine Legal in South Africa?

Yes, Ostarine is completely legal in South Africa.

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) doesn't classify Ostarine or SARMs for that matter as illicit substances, meaning it's completely legal.

Is Ostarine Legal in Europe?

Yes, Ostarine is legal to buy and sell in Europe.

While it's still undergoing clinical trials, and not yet approved for human consumption by any European countries, it is still legal to buy and sell for “research purposes.”


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In conclusion, if you decide to choose Ostarine for your SARMs cycle, be sure to know the laws in your country. For the most part, it's a very safe drug to buy online, but it's still good to know.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always check your local jurisdiction’s laws before buying anything or doing anything.