How to Take Liquid SARMs | Full A-Z Guide

How to Take Liquid SARMs

One of the most common questions I get is how to take liquid sarms. I get it. Taking liquid SARMs can be confusing, mainly with figuring out what your dosage is.

In this guide, we'll discuss:

  • How to Take Liquid SARMs
  • How to Dose Liquid SARMs
  • Pros vs. Cons of Liquid SARMs
  • …and more

So, if you're taking SARMs orally and don't know how to dose your liquid SARMs, then sit back, read this article, and all your questions will be answered.

Why Liquid SARMs?

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Personally, I prefer liquid SARMs over powdered SARMs, SARMs capsules, and definitely over injectable SARMs. Generally speaking, the best way to take research chemicals, is as a liquid.

Why is this? It's for a few reasons. First off, while powdered SARMs are cheaper, measuring out milligrams with raw powder SARMs is insanely difficult. You can't eyeball them, you have to use a super accurate scale, and if you mess up, whoops, you just ingested 500mg of Ostarine.

Injectable SARMs are also a pain in the butt, because you have to worry about getting needles, syringes, and to me it seems totally pointless, if you can just take them orally. The reason people inject anabolic steroids, is because you CAN'T take them orally. SARMs, you can.

SARMs capsules are definitely more convenient than liquid SARMs, and they don't have the disgusting taste that liquid SARMs do, but they also aren't as bio-available and don't hit you as fast. Personally, I don't take liquid SARMs for the taste. I do it for the results.

Here's a few benefits of taking liquid SARMs:

  • Way Easier to Dose Than SARMs Powder
  • Hits Way Faster Than Capsule Form
  • Easily Absorbed Under Your Tongue
  • Easy to Measure Your Exact Dose
  • Alcohol Solution Ensures it's Preserved

Like I said, in my experience, liquid SARMs are the best method to take SARMs. Sure, it's not as cheap as powder, or as convenient as SARMS capsules, but it hits you almost instantly via sublingual absorption (under the tongue), is easy to dose, and is a great bang for your buck.

Taking Liquid SARMs

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So, how do you take liquid SARMs, then? Like I said, it's the best method of consuming SARMs in my opinion, because it hits fast, and is very easy to dose.

The BIGGEST thing that people screw up is DOSING liquid SARMs. Here's how.

On the bottle of SARMs you bought, it should say something like “10mg/ml” or “25mg/ml” which is what most people get confused over. What does this mean?

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Basically, that's how many milligrams (mg) of the SARM are in one milliliter (ml) or full dropper. So, if it says “10mg/ml” then one full dropper would have 10mg of that SARM.

Here's how to take liquid SARMs:

  1. Measure Out Your Dosage (Usually This is 1 Full Dropper)
  2. Drop the Liquid Under Your Tongue
  3. Let it Sit There for 10 Seconds
  4. BAM – The SARMs are now in your bloodstream

That was easy, wasn't it? Of course, you may want to drink water or fruit juice afterwards to get the nasty taste out of your mouth, but come on. We're not doing this for the taste.


Taking liquid SARMs is generally a simple process once you understand, but if you've never had to take SARMs before, it can be a little bit confusing.

Here's some of the most common questions I get about how to take liquid SARMs.

This is by far the most common question I get. Liquid SARMs are labeled as having a certain amount of milligrams per milliliter. Usually this looks something like “20mg/ml” on the bottle.

Normally, most SARMs companies are smart enough to make one full dropper the equivalent to one full dose. So, when in doubt, just take a full dropper. But, if you are trying to take a certain dose and need to measure it yourself, here's how.

If it says “20mg/ml” and you want to take 20mg, that's one full dropper. If you want to take 40mg, that's two full droppers. 30mg is a dropper and a half.

Starting to get the idea? Sure, it requires basic math, but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

There's two ways to take liquid SARMs orally – sublingually (under the tongue) and just by swallowing it (orally). Putting them under your tongue is best, in my opinion.

By putting the liquid right under your tongue, it gets absorbed through the blood vessels under your tongue, so is literally in your bloodstream within 10-15 seconds.

Just put one full dropper under your tongue, let it sit for 10 seconds, and you're done.

Because the carrier liquid solution typically has a certain amount of alcohol in it to preserve the SARMs, liquid SARMs typically have a shelf life of 3-5 years.

Did you think they were going to taste good? Just kidding. The reason most liquid SARMs taste bad, is because the best liquid SARMs are put in a suspended liquid containing alcohol in it, in order to prevent them from decaying and going bad over time.

Liquid SARMs are made by taking raw SARMs powder and putting it in some type of suspension liquid, which is typically a carrier liquid mixed with alcohol to preserve it.

I remember the first time I had this happen to me. I thought my own liquid SARMs had gone stale, and I was going to die. Thankfully, this was not the case.

This is simply due to temperature changes, causing the SARMs to crystalize in the suspension liquid. To fix this, simply put your bottle in some hot water (not boiling, but still hot) and it will eventually heat the liquid so the SARM powder dissolves and it goes back to normal.

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If you want to experience crazy muscle growth, pack on pounds of lean muscle, and get a great physique using SARMs, eventually you will have to learn about taking SARMs orally.

Hopefully, this article cleared up any of the questions you may have. Generally speaking, all you need is one dropper bottle of liquid SARMs, and usually, one full dropper is one dose.

Of course, using the tools I gave you in this article, you can now make the correct dosage for any dose or cycle you want by just measuring it out yourself.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always check your local jurisdiction’s laws before buying anything or doing anything. SARMs are strictly for research purposes only, and are not FDA approved to treat any condition.